Kroger Feedback | Complete Survey for Fuel Points, Grocery Coupon

So you’re asking how to get fuel points, grocery coupons $100, 5000$ gift cards and much more?…Let me help you by taking you through step by step process on how to complete Kroger Feedback customer survey, and other methods within this article. go ahead…

Updated on 19-Aug-2019:  Recently, Kroger had launched its new customer feedback portal – is the official website of kroger which offers you the things which i’ve mentioned above for free in return of your feedback. Is it that hard to give a feedback? Easy isn’t it, yes you get to know more about the offers and understand how to get them below.



krogerfeedback , kroger feedback | Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

If you’re already aware of how many points do kroger offers when you’re purchasing from them then you can skip the part and move towards the next section to see how to fill up the kroger feedback form and get instant points and coupons.

Fuel Points :

  • 50 points for visit to the clinic
  • 50 points for completing krogerfeedback survey
  • 50 points on funded prescriptions

Other bonus points :

  • Grocery shopping 1$ = 1point
  • Digital coupons points

Kroger Feedback : Customer Survey

If this is your first time you’re taking this feedback for coupon then you’re at the right place in the next steps you’ll go through the procedure.

Note : In-case you have not visited the store in the past 7 days then you’re not supposed to be participating in the survey as it’s restricted to weekly once only. You need to be 18+ years and few more restrictions are you must be a US citizen to participate in the sweepstakes.

Now the steps are :

  1. Open the official website of / from your PC or Laptop as few mobile browsers may not support the survey.
  2. Date, Time and Receipt number, once you’re ready with this then input those carefully as the receipt number is so long and there are chances for you to get it wrong while typing. In case if you you enter it wrong you will get an error message, no problem you can try again.
  3. Once you go to the next step, this is where you’re going to start taking the survey.
  4. One by one when you start completing the progressing bar starts to move forwards.
  5. By the last page of the survey fill in your loyalty card number or any of your government approved ID card.
  6. Complete the survey by filling up the name, address and your information and you will get the points.

Note : The information you entered during the information might be used for their customer service improvement and also might track your purchase behavior.

Really? Why would they track your purchase behavior? Is because they wanted to sell you their products based on the type of customer you are just for exchanging fuel points you are giving away your information to them for free. (This is not officially proven or might be even wrong.)

Special Tip on KrogerFeedback points :

Several times a year Kroger conducts mega event sale and there’s a special news in it. You don’t have to buy 10$ for 10$ offer instead you can get mixed products for 4$ for 4$, 5$ for 5$ and so on… You can use the printable coupon and avail them as well at the billing counter.

Kroger Feedback Survey – Conclusion :

That’t once you receive your points you can use them to get bonus cards at groceries, use digital coupons for extra points, fuel points can be used in Shell and few other petrol bunks where 1000 points is equal to 1$ of a gallon discount of fuel.

If you have not got your 50 free fuel points then comment below we might offer you other digital coupons and Kroger digital coupons and Kroger Krazy’s Kroger weekly ads.

Disclaimer : is not endorsed in any way with the official website and we do not recommend you to login through unofficial sites other than Contents provided in the website doesn’t take any responsibility if something goes wrong. We do not ask your credential details in our website and on a final note we’re not affiliated in any of the Kroger’s company or their domains.


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